Frank Minolfo

In 2007, Frank Minolfo (aka “Frankiebass”) moved to the Kansas City area from New York where he was gigging most nights of the week.  A 36-year veteran of the music scene there, he’d become first-call for bands of every genre.  On any given weekend you could find him kicking it with a 60’s Soul/R&B band on Long Island on Friday, rocking out with an 80’s band on Manhattan’s upper West Side on Saturday, and hosting an open blues jam on Sunday.  The rest of the time consisted of pick up gigs – he even squeezed in a little funk project on the side.

Frank comes from a musical family spanning four generations and producing 15 musicians.  His grandfather could play any instrument that he picked up.  His father had an incredible ear and could immediately play any melody he heard note for note.  He began playing bass at age 12, deciding his father’s accordion just wasn’t rock & roll enough.

Frank loves to gig; he brings a lot of energy to the stage.  Since arriving in Kansas, he’s played with Blue 88, Midnight Revue, Saucy Jack, Connie Hawkins and the Blueswreckers, Platinum Express, Dave Hayes Band and Flashback.  Frank also won “Best Bass Player” as part of the competition winning Sprint entry in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Corporate Battle of the Bands.

His influences include Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Geddy Lee, Mars Cowling, Rocco Prestia and Felix Pappalardi.

Frank plays Fender and Sadowsky 4 & 5-string basses and uses Aguilar, Ashdown, Ampeg and LDS amplification.