Special Guest at The Raphael – Gage Mikels

Raphael. Funk Syndicate, Plaza

While our star keyboardist Bob Hartley is having a great time during his vacation in Spain, it will give us and you an opportunity to see a dear friend and former member of the band.

For one night only on August 1st at the Raphael Hotel from 4-7, please swing by and say hello to Gage Mikels on keyboards.  Gage has been living in the lap of luxury in Iowa and has agreed to take the trip down to KC for one night only.

This will be our 2nd time at The Raphael on the Plaza.  We will be playing outside across from the front drive and patio.  For those who have not been there, it is a beautiful hotel and a great setting to hear live music in Kansas City.  The food is fantastic and there is plenty of room on the patio.